My art is fueled by action – Autumn Ahn

Autumn Ahn is an artist from head to toe.

We asked her to describe herself through 3 statements/anecdotes, and here it goes:

1. Saying yes & moving on



My artistic development, and any artistic development, is fueled by action.
My first large projects were made possible by friends offering opportunities. It was a matter of choosing my priorities and saying yes to working late nights painting instead of going to a bar. I chose to create a working environment where I could be productive and also have fun. The best parties happen when there is something to celebrate!

The « Underground » mural in Boston from 2008 was my first big commission. My friend Maria Molteni and I spent one month in 2008 going to the skate ramp everyday and sometimes sleeping there until it was finished. It was torn down 3 months later.

« Learning to let go clears your head and your heart to allow room to focus on new projects. »

2. Collaborations

Schermata 2012-12-12 a 23.29.15

Screen shot from EXTENDED VIDEO PLAY 2 feat A. Ahn and H. Featherstone by PvonK+TilGold

Part of « saying yes » is also committing to learning new things.

« Collaborations are often experimental and can trigger surprising new ideas »

Pushing beyond my comfort is exciting because it is challenging and it is always more approachable and fun if done with friends! While working on a large installation my friend Holli and I were invited to collaborate on a performance for video-something we have both never officially done. We felt a great connection with the two video artists we had just met and just said yes. There was no heavy planning, we decided on a date, some materials and shot the whole thing one Saturday afternoon. The artists PvonK put a lot of time into editing the video for a larger project. I am not quite sure how this will effect my work, but I’m sure it has influenced my artistic process.

3. Exploring Alone


« Putting myself in a foreign environment is a great way to find inspiration »

When I feel stuck or bored I explore by wandering aimlessly, going to a new bar, taking my bike to work instead of the metro, or traveling to a different country. I always end up finding something beautiful, bizarre or funny.


Autumn joined KSAT during Fall 2012, she will present an installation that deals with space and perception during our KSAT CAMP#1 on December 15th! Exciting!

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