Realities went wrong – Yasmin Yrondi

During KSAT CAMP’s Making of I asked Yasmin, a freshman of KSAT team, to present herself through an object she cherishes. She decided to share with me her diary, a sort of logbook of creative inspiration she finds in and around.

yasmin diary

Yasmin’s diary is a receptacle of intimate personal anecdotes, a collage of pieces coming from distant realities, fragments of fictional and real stories mashed up in a visual appealing assemblage to re-create new hybrid tales.

yasmin diary2

« Mal Secreto » is a song by Gal Costa that talks about secret grief, those hurting feelings that we try to hide from the outside world but that destroy us in the inside. The song explains how we try to be relieved from this pain, the eternal agony or the malaise de l’âme that binds us tight…

yasmin diary3

She try to define her character and temperament through words: « I am an excessive person. I might give the impression of being dramatic and unbearable. Normally it is not like that. In any case I think that those elements arise somehow in my art practice, showing off this necessity to express the excesses through drama and it becomes ironic at some point…

(…) I place the characters of my stories in isolated worlds where reality is pushed to extremes, space is not precisely defined and time is stretched to its infinite lenght. I try to make this malaise emerge from those pictures, to point out that where everything seems to work well, eventually it’s not… »

yasmin diary4

Yasmin is a long time collector of photobooth pictures. She gather known and unknown identities like a meticoulous collector and give them a number but no names. What is their stories? Could we ever guess?

In recent times, Yasmin is focusing her work upon the study of identities, the self-conciousness and the unknown side of people’s appearance.

During KSAT CAMP#1 she decided to install her video projection « Télé-Réalité » into a toilet. Toilets are the renomate place where to find our little moments of intimacy meanwhile we fulfill our « private needs ». She hijacked the room’s function, deciding to project the video on the bathroom’s door. This reel shows people staring at us, as if they were watching through a tv screen, having fun.

IMG_0356 Schermata 2012-12-22 a 17.28.53

Yasmin will soon show another video installation during a next KSAT CAMP event! Stay updated!