Discover KSAT’s launch event location

Last week a bunch of KSAT artists was invited to discover the next summer location for the final launch event. So we made a little trip to the southern part of Paris, precisely to Cité Universitaire, where lost in the mist of green fields and blooming nature we found the Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia, right next to coloured Le Corbousier’s House of Brazil.

We explored the place all way around, from the outside garden, to the bright modern halls, the theater and the underground corridors. This amazing building was born in 1967 and has been recently renovated by the portuguese architect Vincent Parreira in 2003.

Here are some picture of our sunday visit!

We’re working on the event to make it a great experience for you all! So save the date and don’t miss it!

29-30th June at Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia, Cité Universitaire in Paris!