François Olislaeger

This is the translation of an article written by Yasmine Tashk originally written in french and that appears in the paper version of KSAT.

François is a drawer. A year ago he took part in an exhibition called « Comics and Architecture », for this occasion he did a mural representing the 20th century. Recently, the Gaîté lyrique (museum of digital art) offered him to recreate another mural representing the years 2012 to 2062 to celebrate the 50th birthday of the place. After visiting the exhibition I meet up with François. We sit together and start to talk. He decided to use white on black to underline the idea that it’s the future that is represented and that it’s not part of history yet. In the cité de l’architecture it was the contrary where the mural was a contiuous line in time, each circle represented a small planet of anticipation. The smaller the size of the planet, the closest it is to 2012 and the bigger the closest it is to 2062. The result can be observed in the dark with a small flashlight. He particularly likes retrofuturism and the idea of drawing as  a primitive art. The shape let us think of a sort of archeologie search. The visiteur position himself as an explorer of the future as we can explore the past by looking at cave walls.

François did put online during 3 months, on the website of the Gaîté lyrique – a particular target – , some open questions to the public about their vision of the future focused on a personal view on their jobs but also by broaden it up to more general matters. Around 500 persons answered, each one leaving diverse answers. He had fun observing the reactions and interactions when they arrived and making a selection. Some idea was adding on top of the other and the ideas were growing like that.
He faced some ethical traps which were sometimes scary with extreme propositions. « In a comment, someone wrote that in the future, nex technologies will enable us to create the perfect race ». These types of comments are to throw away.

Among the crazy comments some of them were very poetic. A writer thought about the fact that pens and papers will disapear. The day someone will find back a pen, noone will know how to use it. Concerts will be organized with the sound of the pencil on paper and we will swept away by good memories. We would cherish this precious object. It would be like a music instrument in an old house with a huge sentimental value.

The news also influenced a lot the answers and particularly the economical crisis. There was some interesting ideas about a swap system. Each human being’s quality was used as money. Everyone would use these qualities for the profit of the froup. We could also quote the idea to reduce the working daytime to 3 or 4 hours to take care of the maintenance of the robots that would be working for us. For others, one hour per day will be used for the environment care.

What would François have answered if the questions were asked to him? He laughs imagining there won’t be any illustrator anymore. People would send their ideas through internet and the drawing will be created by a machine on its own. It’s a bit the sensation that the internet users must have had with this project. We submit an idea and we see the result, no matter how it has been done.
But in the end, he moderate the catastrophy scenario by insisting on the fact that drawing is a primitive art and that is will not disappear.

The integration of the machines is limited. François is drawing on paper and does the finishing touches on his computer. Je draws a lot with his iphone aswell. He is interested a lot by the mix of digital and books to create an amplified reality and offer another rythm of storytelling than in traditionnal books. The technological advances is the opening of new perspectives.

For François, the future will be the next 5 minutes.

(5 minutes)

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