It’s an art publication lead by the idea of collaboration & interaction between artists and different forms of art.

The work of the artists is presented from another angle. The result is a crossing between a magazine and an artist’s book made by the artists themselves. KSAT envisions itself as the new playground for artists.

It’s an exhibition space on 3 medias completing themselves instead of repeating.

  •      A paper version : used to create a transportable exhibition
  •      A digital version : used to create a permanent exhibition
  •      An actual exhibition : used to create a temporary exhibition

It reunites artists from various horizons (mainly european but progressively expanding) lead by the wish to exchange beyond their culture differences. Working as an evolving group brings new insight and is a nourishing force.

It’s based in Paris, France but travels in different countries (Holland, Italy and Germany). It was created in March 2010 by Yasmine KSAT.